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How is Adult Drop Shop different from other solutions or programs?

There are many factors that set Adult Drop Shop apart from other solutions. First and foremost is the fact that ADS is NOT an affiliate program. Instead of working on slim commissions, you purchase product at wholesale and sell at retail. This maximizes your profit. Second, all Adult Drop Shops are independent websites that are owner controlled. Other services offer you a store within a large bank of identical sites and limit your ability to control functionality. Continue reading on this page for more features that you won’t find anywhere else.

What do customers see on their credit card statements?

Customers will see your business's name on their statements. The secure checkout uses your merchant account, and funds are transferred directly to your bank. Our program is compatible with most popular merchant services and gateways, including, E-processing Network, USAePay, NetBillings, PayPal Payments Pro, and more.

Can I select which products are displayed on my site?

Yes – you can control which products or brands are displayed. You can also control which products are featured on your home page, along with many other item attributes.

Who sets the retail pricing?

You do. You can adjust pricing globally (all products) based on wholesale cost, or individually.

How will my website and product details be updated?

Our program automatically updates all products. Descriptions, photos, details and wholesale price are all part of the up-to-the-minute data feed. Every detail, right down to product availability, will always be accurately displayed.

Can I use my own web address (URL)?

Yes. Unlike other services, you can use whatever URL (web address) you can register. We do not add our name (or other words) to the address. For example, if your business name is 'Way Out Video', your web address could be – NOT

Does the website include built-in marketing tools?

Yes. There are features to let you control banners, add coupon codes and integrate social media features from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Will my Adult Drop Shop website be search engine friendly?

Yes. Every aspect of your Adult Drop Shop has been designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. This includes the use of SEO-Friendly URLs for product pages.

100,000+ Adult Products

Offer your customers the adult industry’s largest selection of Adult DVDs and Adult Novelties from today’s top studios and manufacturers.

Maximize Profit Potential

Your Adult Drop Shop website is a completely independent business, not an affiliate store. You make real margins, not small commissions.

Real-time Support

You’re never alone with Adult Drop Shop. From technical questions to customer service, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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