Adult Drop Shop API

Send your orders to ECN, IVD or XGEN with the Adult Drop Shop Order API. Our API can accept orders by form-data POST, XML HTTP POST, .csv upload or JSON POST.

The Adult Drop Shop Order API can accept orders from many of the popular shopping cart applications including WooCommerce, Shopify and WIX.

Code Examples & Documentation

Adult Drop Clients have exclusive access to code examples and extensive documentation on how to integrate your website or shopping cart with the API endpoints. Example code includes order placement, management, and updates. Example source code is available for download below.

“Send Orders from WooCommerce, Shopify, WIX and More!”



Posting XML or JSON to the endpoint is the most efficient way to send order data to the Adult Drop Shop Order API. Adult Drop Shop customers are provided with custom URLs that serve as endpoints to POST your order data to.


Example XML code like the one shown on the left are provided for customers who prefer to build their own applications. Additional code and documentation are provided for PHP, JSON, and HTML API submission.


Many popular shopping cart applications can be configured to send order data to the Adult Drop Shop Order API using extensions or plugins. WooCommerce, Shopify and WIX can all be configured to send order data to a remote URL using webhooks. Complete documentation and easy to follow examples are available to Adult Drop Shop customers.


Legacy shopping cart applications may still rely on exporting comma separated value (.csv) order data once an order has been received. The Adult Drop Shop Order API can be configured to grab .csv files from a valid URL endpoint or can manually be uploaded for batch order processing.

Built upon the infrastructure and inventory of Adult Drop Shipper, the industry’s largest drop ship provider, the Adult Drop Shop program is designed give you everything you need to run a successful online business.